Get 3,000 (!!!) of my renders for $20

I have been making images using DAZ Studio for almost a decade and now I’m offering them all to you, with no strings attached.

These renders cover a wide variety of genres including fantasy, sci-fi, horror and modern, and range from completed pieces to unfinished image and work-in-progress renders the will help show the process used to make these renders. This is my render folder laid bare so it is sorted only by month, and I’m sure you’ll find many images of interest. Note that these folders (especially work-in-progress renders before I’ve added clothing, or renders I have made of new figures for reference) may contain images that are NSFW, so viewer discretion is advised.

I’m offering these up to you for use under the Attribution 4.0 International License, meaning you can use them in any way shape or form you wish including commercially, or modify them in any way you want. Whilst that license requires that credit is given if you do use any of my images in a commercial product, I’m happy for that to be optional. If you use any of my renders and decide to give me a credit, thank you!

But there’s more. This is a living folder. This is my render folder, and any future renders I make (other than commissioned renders I make for other people, of course) will find their way here too. There will be new images added monthly.

If you want access to this folder, send $20 (or more) to my PayPal account, and I will email you the password and link to the OneDrive folder. If you want this to be sent do a different email address, DM me on Twitter after paying or drop a message in the PayPal payment. Spread the word!

Thanks for listening.

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