WhatWouldYouPlayTomorrow: If you were going to run a game tomorrow, what would you run?

Quick question for all you role-players out there:

If you were going to run a game tomorrow, what would you run?

You’ve got minimal prep time, access to any system at all (whether you actually own it right now or not), and very easy going players who don’t balk at the idea of playing something other than D&D.

Me, I’d run Mutants & Masterminds because I know the system backwards and the superhero genre is wonderfully open-ended. I can throw anything into a superhero game and make it work. Also, the M&M core book (look! one book! just one book!) has a healthy selection of pre-generated opponents and mooks so I don’t need to worry about prep time when it comes to figuring out stats, just figure out a basic plotline then run with it.

Otherwise, I’d grab my own Microlite20 for some real minimal back-pocket gaming action, fire up James Buck’s Dungeon Generator and let the players loose on some old-school dungeon butt-kicking action.

Now it’s your turn. What would you run?

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