LaptopSurfinUSA: Ok, Laptop Surfin' UK really, but that doesn't sound half as cool. Downright chilly, even. Wifi Hotspots rock. Did I mention that?

Ok, Laptop Surfin’ UK really, but that doesn’t sound half as cool. Downright chilly, even. Wifi Hotspots rock. Did I mention that?

Today I’ve one minor niggle to get off my chest. Laptop battery life. Look, 2 hours is a joke. Honestly. It’s like filling a car with gas then only getting to the end of the road. I’ve a camera that’s good for around 600 shots between charge (then only takes an hour to recharge), and a cellphone that can go for days, but the laptop can barely survive the morning. I know there’s exceptions to this rule, with certain high-price laptops boasting 8+ hours use, but you’re paying equivalent price of 4 laptops to get just one with the same battery life. That’s just not good enough.

I know the why. It’s the screen, the hard drive and the heat generating CPU, all of which suck juice like a juice sucking vampire. What I don’t understand though, is why. I mean, the battery is 20 times larger than the one in the cellphone, yet the battery life is 1/20th. That’s a 400-fold difference in scale, but the laptop isn’t 400 times bigger. 15 times, tops. Where’d the rest of the power go?

That’s why I’m looking forward to the $100 laptop, whatever the price. I’m pretty sure that the technology that’s being pioneered in that little green box will filter through to general use, meaning that future laptops might just be able to get through lunchtime, and at a reasonable price.

Well, we can but dream, eh?

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