Normal service resumed:

I’ve been coding a new module for OddMuse on and off today, and ‘tis finally done, barring the inevitable likely bugs that have crept in along the way. What this means is real titles for pages, and an all round cleaner interface when it comes to categories using something called “Page Clusters”. It’s a wiki-ish concept that groups pages about a similar topic together. Just like categories, really. Along the way the module will also create a technorati tag with the same name too, which is nice.

In other words it pulls categories, Page Clusters and tags together into one unified whole. While it might not work for some people, it certainly works for me, so it’s going to face a lot of stress testing over the next few days.

The downside is that all of the older posts are tagless; that’s no great loss though, as search works just fine.

Tomorrow I’ll upload the module and write documentation on how set it up. It’s not complicated, but does depend on a few other modules to work to full efficiency.

Meantime we had planned to head out to the Hall today, but rain stopped play. Maybe tomorrow.

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