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Since so many things spearheaded by the US either trickle down to Europe because we have enough people that share the interests (eg. War against Terrorism or Drugs), and since the US is a very strong force at any international treaty (eg. WIPO), you cannot ignore the US, anywhere. And since the US gives vast powers to the president, the US president cannot be ignored, either.

From Switzerland.

AlexSchroeder 2006-05-04 11:53 UTC

I’m in the UK…and I’ve been in Sweden too while caring about what Bush is doing. If he could stick to his own lot and stop putting his nose into everyones business, I wouldn’t give a damn about him. But he’s dangerous for the sake of international security and he causes more harm than good.
And I care about that.
I care because I have a son who will hopefully give me grandchildren and with Bush around, the planet ain’t big enough for everyone. We have many generations in the future who’ll need the stability that does not include war, and in my opinion a leader should be a good example. Everything Bush have done he done for his own good. He’s a careless opportunist who doesn’t give a damn about the coming generations anywhere…not in the US, not outside the US.

I read somewhere that 2 out of 3 young people in the US have no clue where Iraq is on the map. People around here are not that ignorant. We know where wars take place. Distance can be confusing, but war in Iraq or Iran from our spot on this planet is the same as if the US had war on the east coast while living on the west coast.
That’s another reason why I care what Bush does and doesn’t.

christa 2006-05-04 16:02 UTC

Up here in Canada, a good US president helps us. A bad one with a growing debt over oil reserves allows our dollar to do really good.

He also made our Prime Minister (the one that had imaginary friends in small towns in Quebec) look rather good.

USELESS MAN 2006-05-04 18:25 UTC

Well………not everyone here is as dumb as our leaders would have you believe. The best news shows are The Daily show and The Colbert Report on comedy central. Both are only 30 mins long and are on for four days a week. Both have more news than any 24 hour news show. They prove at least some of us aren’t blind to what I call The Great American Ignorance. One example, we are Americans, they are Canadians, they are Mexicans, ect. Well, attacking America now is like kicking a bum in the fetal postition……..

“I get advice from my advisors, then I make the decisions. I am The Decider!

reaper 2006-05-05 00:25 UTC

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