2006-03-03 0845 Tumblelog: == If blogging was like TV == "Last episode, we wrote about camera shows and squirrels. We told . . .

If blogging was like TV

“Last episode, we wrote about camera shows and squirrels. We told you what was hot and going to be hot in the photography world. We looked at printers, film and studio equipment. We dropped in a dose of spam poetry too, for good measure.”

“Coming up: the results of the writing competition, what the word free really means, more thoughts about photography. There might even be another competition. Stay tuned for more details.”

“But first, sex blogs. What are they and where can you find them. Right after this break.”

Cut to commercials

“Welcome back. We’ve been looking at what’s hot and not to hot in the world of photography. We’ve looked at pictures of squirrels and seen some spam poetry. Later in this blogpost we’ve going to be looking at what quality means, and whether what we see on TV has any, or if it’s just becoming a cheap way to peddle more commercials down our anally retentive throats.”

“After this break, we’ll be looking at sex blogs, dildos and a ten foot rubber hose. Coming right up!”

Cut to commercials

“We’ve seen photos, squirrels and flashbacks to what we saw 10 minutes ago. We’ve seen that TV producers think we’ve got no memory whatsoever. We’ve seen the lazy programming that somehow manages to repeat itself in the same show five times! We’ve seen all this, and still stay tuned. So, is TV any good? We’ve looked at the facts, and say no.”

“Coming up next week on If blogging was like TV, more crap just like this. If you can watch without taking cyanide, that is.”

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