2006-02-27 0852 Lifestuff: == Two by Eight == We've had two phone calls by eight o'clock this morning. One from my 4 year . . .

Two by Eight

We’ve had two phone calls by eight o’clock this morning. One from my 4 year old son asking how the stitches in my head are today. He’s fascinated with all the gory details over the phone, but when he saw me in the flesh (so to speak) he ran and hid. Kids sure are strange at that age.

The other call was a company asking for money. Oddly enough, I preferred the first phone call. I’m glad they came in this order though otherwise the day would have started in a very different mood.

Right now I’m feelin’ good. We’ve got a car to get to the garage, and I’m determined to take some photos today come hell or high water.

More later…….

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