2005-06-20 ZenPizza: Tesco make a Ham and Mozarella pizza as a part of their /Finest/ range of products. I'm too much of . . .

Tesco make a Ham and Mozarella pizza as a part of their Finest range of products. I’m too much of a cynic to believe that just because it’s got the label, it’s telling the truth. But in this case, it’s totally true.

Tesco’s Finest Ham and Mozarella pizza (£3.99) is, quite simply, the best pizza money can buy, anywhere. Period.

It’s square, thin, got the softest, most gorgeous dough imaginable, and the ham, mozarella and tomatoes on top make your taste buds completely redefine their expectations. You ain’t tasted tomatoes until you taste these.

Remember that stupid advert for Bruscheta pizza a while ago where the product completely failed to live up to the ad? Well, they got the ad right, but the product wrong.

I’m ranting about how good a pizza is. Sheesh.

Look, go out and buy one, then post here if you agree of disagree.

Bet you like it!

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